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Skills for Tomorrow

A summer programme of online learning designed for disabled adults looking to get into the workplace



Location: Zoom. Recordings will be made available

When: From Wednesday 13th July and will run for 8 weeks.

Times: 10-1 (including break)

Technology is fast moving, so this course is aimed at getting students up to speed with the technologies and techniques  used by developers in their work for industry so that they can contribute at the cutting edge and the digital conversation.

Over 8 weeks, you will learn how to build real world projects using modern techniques, how to plan software and problem solve.


They will also learn how to set up and deploy your own workflow and environment and use flowcharts to plan, execute and display ideas and designs to potential clients.


What we cover:

HTML basics and markup language

  • What is HTML?

  • Elements

  • Attributes

  • Formatting

  • Links

  • Images

  • Tables


CSS - Cascading style sheets

  • What is CSS?


  • Selectors

  • DOM - Document Object Model

  • Formatting colours, objects and images

Javascript Fundamentals
•    What is Javascript?
•    Object oriented programming
•    Elements
•    Variables
•    Data types and operators
•    Functions
•    App flow
•    Strings
•    Statements and Expressions
•    Debugging tools
•    Setting up an environment




Location: Zoom. Recordings will be made available

When: Wednesday June 15th (for 4 weeks)

Our Leadership programme is aimed at transforming the minds and futures of course participants with a view to helping to ease a daunting transference from a world of Universal Credit and long-term unemployment to the world of employment, education, training and leadership.

Through a series of webinars and one 2 one support, Revd Gail Thompson will mentor participants through a variety of subjects to help them be prepared to enter the workplace, seek opportunities from home and to strike a work/ life balance.

About the team


Reverend Gail Thompson
Rev Gail, herself a wheelchair user has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 34 years.  Gail is a proponent for the support of Assistive Technology made available to all, as well as inclusion, education, unemployment and, socio-economic change. Her life is not defined by her disability.

She has experienced a range of barriers, negative attitudes and derogatory comments against individuals who are not seen as the norm. Frustration has drove her to design her own solutions; by turning the difficulties of being less able into a flourishing organisation. 

For people who are affected by health issues or restrictions, a home setting can also provide the freedom and flexibility needed to run a successful business. 

Akin Samuel
Akin Samuel has over 20 years’ experience as an IT professional. He has implemented IT systems for a variety of multi disciplines at Shell International, Bechtel Engineering, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS and more recently for art galleries and charities. 

He found his new passion for digital inclusion while working at the Waterloo Action Centre where he trains over 50s (and some younger) in the basic digital skills they would need to get access to goods and services the more tech savvy take for granted. 

He is looking to extend this passion to teach disadvantaged people the modern language of the internet and empower them with the skills to meet the deficit of software engineers in the UK and that governments are crying out for and meet the challenge of building software for every need.

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